Virginia and Harrison Shoulders
-recorded in 1946-47
My mother (piano) & her brother (vocalist) played many parties in Nashville when they were in their 20's.

alt : Thine Alone

alt : The Evening Star

alt : Vienese Melody

My Uncle Harrison was a man of varied interests. Although he was a active surgeon in his early career, he was the example in my family of a person who really explored the expressive arts (OK...Mom, too). He dabbled until he understood the basics in many pursuits, and would always greet you with an exuberant description of a new discovery. Many times I would get a call when he was in the midst of photographing flowers or other minutia, offering a positive message about my avocation and the fun he was having, himself.

He showed up one summer (1997?) on one of his journeys with a day bag and a windbreaker. I wanted to test the background that I had just painted and had him sit for this portrait wearing my sportcoat.


   Harrison, 1997    Virginia Youngblood (Shoulders) '40    Harrison w/Pipe 1947